Important chat and forum safety tips

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Strong recommendations to staying safe

The term "Safe Friendly Chat" is used in chat rooms online around the globe. The truth is nobody can predict what a person or a group of people maybe about to say. While a lot of chat rooms claim to be safe a lot lack the ability to ban people for life, or even fear banning people due to decreased numbers in the chat room.

People aren't always who they say they are. You can easily think that you are chatting to 13 year old yet their real age could be 33. Age can't be distinguished by how a person types.

There is also the type of people that go to chat rooms purposely for criminal activity, for example identity theft, fraud activity and also common is to generally pose as a nuisance to innocent chatters.

Never give out personal information: This is easily done and can be done without thinking.... Heres an example:

April: Im from Glenorchy in Hobart

Joe: oh Im in Glenorchy too what street are you in?

April: 16 Smith Street

Giving your age is fine, and even if you please, your real name. However, who needs to know your Surname?

Sexual harassment and bullying unfortunately are possible in chat rooms

Chill Zone has a 0 tolerance policy for such behaviour. In regards to sexual harassment we will remove people from Chill Zone forever, report that person to the Virtual Global Task Force, report that person to their internet provider and worse case scenario contact federal police should we feel that person is in anyway threatened outside the chat room.

We have contacted the federal police on one occasion where a 16 year old was arranging to meet up with a 35 year old.

We at Chill Zone will bend over backwards to make your stay a safe and pleasant one. Our aim isn't to give back the bad reputations that chat rooms have. Ours is to give Chill Zone the reputation of being the "only globally recognised" safe, chat room online. Admins monitor the goings on of all users. Using private conversations doesn't mean its completely hidden from Chill Zone admins. Your confidentiality is assured however we are able to view private conversations for your own safety.

In staying safe online we highly recommend everybody visit the following websites:

Net Alert NetAlert is the Australian Government's internet safety initiative which consists of a wide range of activities. Together, these activities provide a comprehensive response to the needs of the Australian community in protecting their families online.

NetSmartz The goal of the NetSmartz Workshop is to extend the safety awareness of children to prevent victimization and increase self-confidence whenever they go online.

Chatdanger a site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online

As Manager and Owner of Chill Zone, I have 4 children of my own and understand that children's safety online is paramount.

---- TaZ

Click Here To go to the help page if you are experiencing problems with other chatters or have any other online safety queries

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You agree to chat in this website at your own risk

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